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Facebook Fangirl!

Um guys…. I had no idea how much of a MAJOR NERD I truly was – until today.  Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, I was invited by Avirl, an employee of Facebook, to tour the Facebook European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

So this is how my day panned out:  I hopped on the bike and headed across town to Facebook… I was super giddy just bicycling across the Samuel Beckett Bridge.  I even gave out a little squeal of excitement!  How cool is this bridge!  It looks like a harp!  Apparently the thing sways in the wind like cray-cray – but I didn’t experience any of that…

img_0205Then, right around the corner from the bridge is Facebook and I literally HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO EXPECT at Facebook!

I just walked in the door.. .and for some reason, I started to “fan girl” like a mofo!  This was it.  I was at FACEBOOK.  Omg.


I walked up to the desk to check in.  In front of me were a bunch of iPads.  I typed in my e-mail and you wouldn’t believe it… FACEBOOK ALREADY KNEW ME – they knew my frickin e-mail  – I loved it! Yeah, ok, I pregistered but still… it was a pretty awesome feeling. I felt like a rockstar!

Facebook oozes COOL.  The guy at the desk says to me, “go grab yourself a refreshment in the fridge and have a seat.”  Refreshment?  Oh you betcha!   There’s a fridge in main entrance and it’s just awesome…

Avril picks me up, I get my Facebook ID and away we go… Just past the gates on the first floor is this super cool wall of art.  I just loved it.    img_0272Then, as you make your way around the corner, you want to look up because it’s amazing.  There’s there’s lines everywhere.  img_0289We headed upstairs via the lift… I had no idea what to expect next, but I knew that it would be some sort of AMAZING.  The doors open up and you wouldn’t believe it… Facebook had a real life wall.  Like you know how you have your own personal Facebook walk on your account – Facebook has a wall too!  I even got to sign it!  OMG.  I SIGNED THE WALL AT THE FACEBOOK EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS.  I seriously started to channel my inner Homer Simpson at a donught shop.

Could this day get any better?  Yes… yes it could.  Ya see, this is where I learned that Facebook isn’t just about social media… Facebook combines everything I like in life – science, technology, social media and marketing!    I had absolutely no idea what really went into Facebook and now I have even more respect for the platform and what it can do.

There is technology that exists right now that can transmit information via lasers.  We’re at the point in history where sharks could quite possibly have frickin laser beams strapped to their heads!

Then, something magical happened and I have no idea how Facebook did it… but, Facebook put the “sexy” back in hard drives.  (imma just gonna leave that here)

IMG_0291.jpgAround the corner is where I had another squeal and giddy moment.  Hello Instagram!  Nice to see you!  Omg.  I love you.  img_0288And this is the moment I entered the Facebook Instagram Matrix.  There was so much fun to be had!


After Avril showed me the awesome view perfect for any party involving 360 degree views of Dublin, we headed down to the ground floor for a much needed lunch.  They say that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” but I’m gonna have to disagree.  Facebook understands that you get more out of your employees by looking after them, so they provide a ‘free lunch’ with all the tasty perks!  And believe me – it was tasty.  I regarded my lunch on par with my Thanksgiving standards and absolutely ate everything on my plate!

I must say, I now have a much deeper respect for social media and I am so very proud to be a part of this amazing age that we now live in.  There’s a lot of hard work that goes into keeping us connected on our little phones.  It’s pretty cool stuff.  I give Facebook a very well deserved thumb up!


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