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Fully Sick

Bicycling any sort of distance when you’re sick – sucks.  I’m not exactly sure how professional cyclists do it, but for me…. it’s no fun.

I got some sort of full blown cold two days after I returned from the European Space Agency’s #ExoMars mission presser in Darmstadt, Germany.  For a few days, I was sporting a sore throat, but didn’t really think anything of it and carried on as per usual. Then, out of nowhere, the sore throat disappeared and I was completely sick as a dog.  I did not get out of bed until noon and that never happens.. ever.  Check out my sick face. img_0640

I consulted a doctor and was told to stay off the bike because bicycling could exasperate the illness and possibly cause pneumonia.  Nobody wants that.  Whilst in some sort of daze, I rushed to my nearest chemist and purchased the recommended drugs.  I wasn’t starving, but I wanted to keep my energy up so I had a bit of brekky, a few drugs and two cups of coffee.  I, then, got back on my bike and returned to where I was staying.  I hate saying this, but it’s true… I don’t remember much bicycling back.  I hopped straight back into bed and took a nap.  I NEVER nap.  I napped for HOURS.

The next day, I developed a cough and a fever.  YAY!  Who doesn’t like coughing!  This sucked big time.  My nose was running like it was a sieve.  I felt like I was hit by a truck and my skin ached… this was not boding well.  But, I had a schedule to keep and I already slept one entire day… so I called in a favour.

My mate was kind enough to take me to Newgrange and I am so thankful for that.  The state I was in, there was absolutely no way I could have bicycled 60k.  I did manage to check out the sites, but I know I would have enjoyed it much more if I was healthy.  I took the next day off and didn’t move.  I didn’t even want to go get food so I stayed in bed, kept my fluids up and just consumed an energy bar.  Then, I had no choice – I had to cycle.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a nasty cough, self medicated again which seemed to eleviate the violent coughing and passed out.  That morning, I woke up feeling like a zombie.  I went outside, checked out the bike, blew up the tyres and knew it was “do or die.”  I felt like death, but I had no choice… I hopped on the bike and away I went.  img_0807

I seriously do not know how people can manage everyday life and cold medication.  I hardly EVER take meds for anything so cycling was a bit interesting.  I felt absolutely winded.  My nose was pretty clogged and disgusting, but somehow managed to still breathe.  The roads were pretty flat and I am very thank for for that.  I just took my time and eventually reached the Drogheda train three hours early.  I couldn’t be asked to go and find a nice cup of coffee so I decided to sit in the train station and simply feel sorry for myself. img_0816

The good part is, since I felt like total and complete rubbish, time went by really quick… I didn’t want to stray too far just because I felt like shite.  This was not the best case scenario, but it is what it is.  There’s absolutely no shame in looking after yourself when you have to and for me, it was necessary.

I’ll be back in the saddle again, soon.  Just need the “all clear” from the doc.

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

7 thoughts on “Fully Sick Leave a comment

  1. Heyup Foster…..well that answers my question around the limited posts on the ol ‘Twittersphere’?! 😊

    The couple of ‘Hill of Tara’ book pics?
    Did you manage to make it up there…or were these books you spotted in a book shop in Meath?

    Where you headed next?

    Anyways – Good Luck…and here’s to you making a full recovery ASAFP !!! 😉 😉 😉 🚴 🚴 🚴

    Paddy X

  2. You know in Ireland Guiness could be the medicine you need.

    It always works for me here in the backyard of Ireland called the Netherlands 🍻!

    Good luck and enjoy your Eire Tour!

  3. Sickness is happening for reasons Tara. You can look on it as a reset for your body and mind.
    I see you are in Belfast,… But your posts suggest you are jumping South and North. Would be great to meet you some time.

    All the Best

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