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That time I asked to use the washing machine at the Aussie embassy

It’s not every day that you get to meet the Aussie ambassador to Ireland, but when you do, be sure to ask if you can use the embassy’s washing machine!

Ok, let me explain what the heck happened: Social media is an amazing tool.  I just love it.  And… Twitter is kinda like my social media spirit animal of choice when it comes to social media interaction – I like to banter and just have a fun yarn  – it’s what Twitter is made for!  So, a few weeks back after I was on TV3’s Seven O’Clock Show, I got a message from the Aussie embassy asking if I’d be interested coming for a visit!  Like all great experiences in life, and missing a bit of good ol’ Aussie banter – I couldn’t say no – I embraced this chance of a lifetime experience!

So this is where it gets interesting:  Embassies are great – they are there to help their citizens abroad… and this Aussie girl was in needDESPERATE need of a washing machine!  I literally have four tops.  That’s it… I just bicycled from Dublin to Wexford.  And, saying my clothes were a bit ripe is probably the understatement of the year.  There’s only so much Aussie Merino wool can handle before it carks it and then everybody suffers – this girl NEEDED a washing machine!

And, then…. I said it.   I said the magic words that I’m not entirely sure I regret: “Hey guys!  Sounds great… Can I use your washing machine?”   I can only image the deadpan response on the other end after hearing those six life-changing words.  But, then again, they’re Aussie – they get me.  They know people like me are nuts – I mean,  I’m the Aussie girl bicycling around Ireland in the Winter.  These guys totally know what they’re getting into – We’re all Australian – It’s what we do!

This is nothing new to them – We share citizenship with the crazy Aussies – like of the late Steve Irwin’s and Malcolm Douglas’ and screen legend Paul Hogan!  We eat crazy stuff like Crocodile, Kangaroo and Emu and it’s all stocked in our supermarkets – I mean we shop for  it only if we don’t wrestle it to the death whilst alone in the outback first.7346117d31a6

We live among the most poisonous and dangerous things on the planet – snakes, spiders and drop-bears!  Australians have even been to war with the Emu’s in South Australia (and lost, but thats beside the point!)  We’re a tough breed of people and crazy AF!    And then… img_9037 Ah…. Buggar.

The Aussie embassy didn’t have a washing machine.  I was on my own… but not all was lost – ya see… I promised them that I’d wear my CLEANEST clothes for the ambassador.  I mean, this was kind of a big deal.  So, I put on my least worn, best smelling top and pants.  And being the good Aussie blokes they are, they offered to hold their nose and break out the Aussie flag for me.  It seemed like a pretty fair trade off.  There was just so much true blue Aussie love going around!


So, the next day, I woke up at a sparrows fart.  I was pretty excited.  I was due to drop in to the embassy for a sticky beak and I just knew we were gonna have a ripper of a good time! But, I’m pretty sure they thought I had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.  I reckon they thought I was mad as a meat axe!

I arrived on my trusty ol’ pushie; stone the flamin’ crows! I was at the Aussie Embassy! There were handshakes all around – this was sweet as!  Then, we had the official exchange of the Tim-Tam.  hom-and-tara-timtam-1

I had such a great time.  I actually love hearing the Aussie accent.  It was like my ears were getting a good ol’ warm Aussie hug!  Then, they presented me with the official embassy pin – I will cherish forever!  This was such an incredible and memorable day.  I actually think it was for them as well – I don’t think they get many folk asking to use their washing machine.  Thanks guys.  I’ll never forget how truly Australian I felt that day.


I think it’s also worth mentioning that I am American born.  I am from the East Coast of the United States.  I lived in the US for 23 years before I went on a holiday to Australia that changed the course of my life forever.  Ya see, unbeknownst to me, I was going to be offered a job from the person sitting next to me.  At 14.5 hours, this would be the longest job interview of my life but at the same time, the most rewarding.  And being an Aussie has been a been a pretty exciting adventure!  I’m very proud to call myself an Aussie!  I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

If you would like to read more about how I got to Australia or even who the heck writes these crazy stories, you can find out here:

And, if I blew your brain when it comes to the Aussie strine I used above, here’s a good guide that may help translate! say-thanks

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