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When the sun forgets to wake up

It’s 6:45 in the morning on Australia Day.  I’m just on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia at this place called Little Bay Beach.  It’s kinda like this secret beach that only the locals know of – (and the internet thanks to the link).  We’re all hanging out walking on these epic rocks that are probably one slip away from a broken leg and an airlift – yikes – but we’re aussies and we’re agile with reflexes like cats… so, I’m not worried.

We’ve been here since 4:30 in the morning – in the pitch black.  My flatmate who is a graphic designer and a photo enthusiast thought it would be a brilliant idea to watch the sunrise and get some seriously wicked photos with some other Sydney photographers. I concur. img_4004Since I’m on day two of some severe jet lag – I just flew from the other side of the world (and boy are my eyes tired) – This seemed like a pretty awesome idea! Until…. img_4003… it turns out the sun has a bit of a personality on Australia Day.  The sun doesn’t care if you flew from the other side of the world to watch the sunrise….. if the sun doesn’t want to come up, it ain’t gonna come up.

It didn’t.  img_4005The sun decided to sleep in just like millions of other Australians on Australia Day… but not us.. Nope.  We are hardcore to the MAX.  Here we are standing on some dangerous cliff trying to get the best sunrise shot that just didn’t exist. The 6:11am sunrise call came and went and left me wondering, “what the heck just happened?!”

However, not all was lost.  Firstly, they promised me coffee  which is always a “win” in my book! Exhibit A: img_4006…and secondly,  the guys seemed to get some pretty epic shots.  Have a look here:  16326636_10211530876809146_312491867_o

This is Andrea Pellegrini‘s sunrise ocean shot.  You can find his amazing work on Instagram.  Also check out the moody shots  Dagan Lin captured – he’s on Instagram too!  Click on the images to get the full effect!

And here’s some long exposure shots from Michael Burns!

So what’s next on the ‘horizon?’ First up, better puns.. and second, more Aussie adventures!

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  1. No sun no problem! (But really wished there was sun or even a hint of it lol) the clouds don’t muck around on Australia Day. Cool write up and thanks for the tag!

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