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Holiday Office Hero

Wanna become the office hero without really trying?  Easy!  Be brave and extend that holiday LIKE A BOSS!  That’s right!  Get those rumours started back home before you’re even back in the office by extending your holiday!
I’m completely guilty as charged for doing this.  I mean, I’m the queen of the one way ticket because I like the fact that I can go somewhere and then decide whether I want to stay, go home, or go somewhere else.  So, I’m here to convince you to take a risk and extend your next holiday because decisions like this change your life.  Who knows, you might even have a little romance!
Going on the good ol’ holiday is the best way to get your brains back together.  It’s true.  I mean, This is YOU time.  There are countless reasons why a vacation is actually good for you but let’s face it…  you REALLY want to give your smeller a break from your open plan neighbour Steve.  Old mate Steve is the guy who sits next to you and refuses to use deodorant.  After six months of constant nostril bombardment, it’s not pretty and you’re also attempting to avoid the ol’ tuna for lunch ritual.  You’ve been eating it for the past two months and it’s really time you take a break….  
This is your chance to make the great escape and forget about all stresses at home.  Sure, normal life can have it’s moments of ‘awesome’ but taking a vacation is the perfect way to help alleviate some of this stress.  I mean, you could be travelling and may have encountered the most gorgeous German you have ever met in your life and at that very moment fall madly in love.  This could change the course of your life forever so why go back to the world of “Mondayitis” if you don’t have to! How about extending that holiday of yours to get the romance into second gear!  26

Sometimes, if you’re lucky or smart, there’s a good chance that you over budgeted your trip and have extra cash lying around.  If that’s the case, do as the Irish say “GWAN!”   Extend that holiday of yours!  You know you want to!  But if you’re looking for a good way to save some cash whilst travelling, There’s are lots of ways to pay less money for flights and hotels

So you’ve read all the touristy books before you left but when you arrive you’ve discovered an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WORLD!  Don’t be afraid to embark into the unknown – you’re here now.  Try and experience everything like a local.  There’s nothing worse than heading home and feeling like you haven’t done anything.

And then.. sometimes back home, it’s snowing… This actually happened to me once.  I was in Scotland at the time, and there was a mega snowstorm… actually, it was more like America was barely surviving the ice-age.  I didn’t want to be a part of it, so I decided to hang out with all the Gerard Butler soundalikes whilst searching for Nessy.  Because, let’s face it… the cold weather sucks, so why rush back?  

You also know that by the time you get back home, everything is gonna be frozen with the entire world canceled – like even TV will be canceled with local news covering with their mazillion hours of snowplow coverage… so what’s the point with going back?  If you’ve got no immediate plans and I mean, you wouldn’t, right, because all the cool stuff happens overseas anyway… So what’s the real reason you’re going home again?    XeXzWgD6P4LG8
Then, there’s times when you’re running from the FBI or you’ve just got a seriously good travel gig going because accomodation is cheap, the food is cheap and it’s snowing back home.  Regardless, I mean, when will you have another opportunity like this.  This could be your last break for a while, especially if you get caught by the FBI… so throw in the towel, keep exploring and make the most of it!
Don’t forget you don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to.  This is YOUR life and you’re in charge of your own destiny.  If you don’t want to go home, don’t.  If you want to keep exploring, explore.  The choice is yours and yours alone, but you have to make sure that the benefits outweigh the consequences.  Make sure that the decision you make to keep on travelling is right for you! 

Also, don’t feel guilty.  This is your life.  If you want to extend your holiday, that’s your choice and nobody else’s!

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