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People of Space

on the roadThis is @People_Of_Space: a new initiative that aims to enlighten, engage and create excitement relating to all the great things the worldwide space community has to offer!

Space is for everyone and that’s why @People_Of_Space will be curated by a new voice from the space community each week.  From scientists, to students, engineers, flight surgeons, space enthusiasts and communication specialists, no two weeks of tweets will ever be the same.

Twitter is a great tool for social networking because it allows users to microblog throughout the day.  By using different @People_Of_Space curators each week, one person will be able to tell their story from their point of view.  Using 140 characters, Twitter is a quick and easy way to share all kinds of content.  The @People_Of_Space hosts will be able to send and read messages on Twitter. Anyone can follow @People_Of_Space which means messages can be received all over the world.

If you know someone or would like to curate @People_Of_Space for a week, please send a direct tweet to @taraustralis or an email to with your Twitter account handle and a short paragraph explaining what you do and why you want to curate @People_Of_Space!

Interested in learning more? Click here for the @People_Of_Space – Code of Conduct.

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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