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Always do your research

I love the internet!   From time to time, you find the craziest stuff that (ab)normal people are doing… and I just came across a little gem!  1511976183044-IMG_5746

Basically, a bunch of guys turned their backyard into the top rated, most sought after restaurant in all of London!  They took TripAdvisor by storm!  This is a great example of being weary of what you read online but at the same time, how powerful social media can be!

As a side note, when I am looking for accommodation or an experience, I always try and read more than one review from more than one source just to make sure that it’s moderately legit. Because, ya know.. sometimes you DON’T want to be stuck in Coober Pedy, South Australia six metres underground with a wild banshee tripping out on drugs in the next room over… #TrueStory

But, back to this little bit of AWESOME, here’s a fun example why you should always do your research!

To be fair.. this ‘backyard restaurant’ is totally hipster and would could probably be a legit in a place like Bondi, New York or somewhere similar…

It’s a great read.  Please click here for the story.  It’s so totally awesome!  I’d so go here just for the experience!

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