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Be the change in you

Grafton Street is really pretty during Christmas.  For those non-Irish people out there who don’t know what I’m talking about, Grafton Street is one of the major shopping hubs in Dublin.  This is a micro story of something really cool that I witness on Christmas Eve.  Enjoy.


Most of the streets around Grafton were pretty disbursed.  The shops were closed and a lot of the shoppers were now spilling out of the pubs or were just heading home.  As I turned the corner, I noticed to the left of me a lady.  This lady was kinda looking down a very dark corner and talking.  I slowed down a little just to see what she was up to and as I slowly passed I over heard what she was saying, “…and, where are you going to have Christmas dinner?”

Woah. Like… How do I say this?  I was shocked but at the same time, I wasn’t.  The lady that I just passed was concerned for the welfare of the homeless bloke kinda hiding in the shadows and from what I could hear, she wanted to make sure that he was ok for Christmas.

From my past travels in and around Ireland, I must say that there’s a lot of love that outpours from the hearts of the Irish people.  When I was bicycling around the country, I was always welcomed by the good people of Ireland with MASSIVE open arms and for just one little moment I captured this kind gesture as a witness.

Now, looking as an outsider she didn’t have to talk to this fella.  This lady could have just walked away and carried on with her day.  Ya know what… NO…. she stopped, struck up a conversation and asked him if he was ok for Christmas.  So what I want to say is this: Thanks, Irish lady for asking, because… with all the bullshit you hear in the USA and around the world about the individualism movement, it’s really comforting to see and hear someone with actual compassion.

I really hope that more people embrace compassion.  Perhaps moments like the one I just experienced will have a run off affect.  Like, to be fair… compassion isn’t just for Christmas, compassion is for everyone, all year long.

We all have the chance to make the world the better place.  It’s all within us.  We can choose LOVE.  So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… let today be the change in you.  Will you choose compassion?

I also wanted to add this comment from Liam.  Let’s be real, he’s totally spot on.  Thanks Liam! Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 11.49.28 pm

Happy Christmas.

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