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Meanwhile at Centra in Dublin…

It’s Christmas Day in Dublin and I’ve been told that NOTHING is open.  Like, it’s a ‘fend for yourself’ kinda day. I wanted to see how close to the truth this statement was, so I went went for a nice little stroll around Dublin.  I was pleasantly surprised!

What I stumbled upon was two very Irish rival convenient stores duking it out to find who rules on Xmas Day!

For those of you who have never heard of the social media platform, Twitter, this is what it looks like:  Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 4.08.17 pm.png

Never fear, my loyal readers!   I’ve taken it upon myself to do the right thing and put all the tweets right here for your enjoyment!  This is what happened when I got coffee on Christmas day at a Centra in Dublin, Ireland!

OMG. I found tourist relief in Dublin.  Both Spar and Centra are PACKED like noisy night clubs full of tourists looking for lunch and coffee.

NICE. I got a seat at Centra!! The couple next to me got drumsticks and french fries! They’re adorable.

The girls on my right were in a passionate conversation and threw empty sugar singles across the table at me.  I thought it was funny. They seemed a bit horrified.

Omg. There’s a guy who looks like Robert De Niro – just more grey.  He speaks fluent Italian and is a BEAST typing away on his iPhone.  Fair play.

Beyond the two fun girls at my table is what looks like a lost American couple sitting at the bench meaning… they seem really distant. They’re not talking and just staring at their phones. To be fair, I’m not staring at my phone, just observing & looking around with occasional typing.

In front of me is a group of five Spaniards that seem super fun! Loads of smiles. Loads of conversations!

The distant American couple is leaving. They look defeated.

Robert Di Nero’s group is quite funny!  They all talk with their hands!

A group dressed as if they’re ready to ski all of Switzerland just walked in. They, too, look a bit confused. Could be lack of snow… or how this place is all the rage right now in Dublin.

Oh no! Di Nero and the other hand-talkers are leaving!!! There’s a group staking out their seats. It’s ‘take no prisoners’ at Centra at this point.

The Spanish group has shrunk in size but a new group next to them has arrived. I’m trying to figure them out.

The Swiss family, “Im ready to ski all Dublin” are back (not entirely sure if they’re Swiss but the ski clothes in today’s 12 degree weather speak otherwise.  They’re just standing. Watching. Waiting.

Like hunters in the night, the Swiss family nominated one of their own to pounce on a free sitting area close to the window.  She was quick!

To my left, the guys eating the drumsticks finished. I was disappointed that they left skin. It was roasted to perfection and looked tasty with probably some secret Irish BBQ sauce.

Di Niro’s table has been replaced with three Indian backpackers. They’ve totally got this. They’re heaps relaxed and super cssual. They’re actually having an awesome time!

Oh dear.  Lady in black jacket just gave the wave to what I think is an older American couple. They’re not happy but black jacket lady found them a table. Jesus. No smiles there.

Swiss fam just earned five brownies for Xmas tea!  Looks tasty guys!

Black jacket lady also seems super stressed. She’s looking around a lot. She’s taken off her jacket – debating on doing a script change and calling her “pink lady”

Amazing. Old mate sitting across from the lady with the multi-coloured hair seems to be drinking a red bull. What a badass.

OH NO! Spanish group is leaving!!!! I think they’re being replaced by three young female backpackers.

Not all hope is lost!  They speak Spanish, too!  Yay!

Girl to my right FINALLY finished her soup. She was eating it from when the American couple left and that was ages ago.  What a slow eater. Sheesh!

Oops. Someone just lost their umbrella holder. The girl next to me in the red is asking around. What a lovely gesture.

The table to my left that didn’t finish their beautiful chicken skin and has left. A guy eating a panini and his friend took the table. They were FAAAST. Not sure how they manage to stake out these tables so stealth. They’re like little tourist ninjas.

A couple cool AF just casually strolled in and now back out. Stopped, are talking,  leaning on one leg and are staring at all of us again. Perhaps this is how to become tourist table ninjas.

The marathon soup-eater girl is a part of what I believe is a father-daughter tourist team! They’re packing up all the containers but is very slow to move. I wouldn’t leave either if I had their table!

The panini family to my left seem REALLY bored. I prefer the girls at my table… I can’t understand them, but they’re waaay entertaining to watch.

Bizarre. Thirty people at Centra all at once were quiet. They all whipped out their mobiles. Perhaps phone use is like when someone takes a sip of water… everyone else subconsciously does it too.

Girl at my table took what looks to be an Instagram photo. There was the typical head tilt, bright eyes, closed lips smile. Would love to know what she tagged it. But I mean, come on. We’ve all taken insta photos in weird places!

She’s still at it. Different angle this time. She’s a pretty girl. I bet she could take a photo in the Swamp of Sadness and still pull off the most badass Instagram photo ever.

Oh wow how did I miss him. There’s a guy over by the window who looks like Mr Belvedere –  he’s totally rocking the man scarf. tumblr_n6b23qIgUU1qzsq0xo1_250

Omg. Just made eye contact with a poor sad dude. He’s waiting for a table, too… holding his bag looking like a lost little puppy wearing a hat.tenor

He’s like aggressively staking out a table. No ninja skills here.

Girl at my table is up four insta selfies.  Same head angle, smile… the works.

Sad puppy hat guy seriously WANTS a seat. His stare is like RAZOR BLADES. I’m avoiding eye contact at all costs.

Oooh! Man bun man has arrived!  This should be interesting!

Man bun man has left the Centra! So has the marathon soup eater, father daughter travel team!

Wow. The octave level has increased. Only see one phone out at the Indian backpacker table. They’re looking at TripAdvisor. (My eyesight is impeccable – perhaps I am a ninja!)

And on cue: Six mobiles out… talking level decreased. There’s something in my theory….

Oooh. What have we here? I just saw a girl wearing a hat that kinda looks like if a French beret and Scottish scarf had a woolen baby.  It was this epic knitted monstrosity.  Sadly no photographic evidence. She was as stealth as big foot and left Centra without a trace.

Ok. Black jacket lady and miserable American couple are leaving.  Aww so is Mr Belvedere. Nice to see they’re taking their rubbish with them! Great job tourists!

I’m gonna wrap this up… for the most part, everyone is happy. From my observations… the younger you are, the happier you are to sit drinking coffee eating drum sticks in Centra..

Perhaps that’s the thing that the miserable aging people can learn from those pesky young backpackers. Perhaps we need to take more selfies… laugh more, not be as serious.  Smile. Wear weird hats and cool scarves. And clean up after ourselves.

It’s kinda really special to observe this as many people don’t understand. They’ve probably been doing the same thing during Xmas for years. Nothing wrong with that. But, perhaps that’s something else to take from this… break out of tradition.

And be careful of expectations. That’s the one thing that messes us all up. But, If you expect nothing, you kinda win everything!  That’s my take.

Thanks for reading. It was fun to share!  Happy Christmas from a Centra in Dublin!


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