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How to stay COOL when it’s frickin hot

Today, parts of Sydney were over 47 degrees and that’s HOT!  So what do you do if you’re on holidays in Australia in the summer during a heatwave?

Well… here’a  few tips you should use because let’s face it…. Aussie heatwaves are REALLY frickin hot! 

First up.. You need to escape the heat!  Luckily Australia has a lot of really great beaches you can explore so why not?  If you’re not close to a beach, there are rock pools and waterfalls but be sure to stay safe and read the warning signs as some of the places in the Northern Territory have crocs.  Seriously.  IMG_6987

You can also seek out air conditioned places like museums, local shopping centres or even go to the movies.

Another thing you need really need to aware of is staying hydrated.  Be sure to carry water with you at all times and find shade whenever possible because you actually CAN get heatstroke and let’s face it… nobody wants to spend holidays in the hospital.

Now… don’t be that guy who dress like you’re about to ski the Swiss alps… Seriously.  Just dont… please dress for the weather because Australia is a hot country.  So, if it’s hot outside,wear a tank top and shorts.  Also, make sure to grab your sunnies hat and sunscreen.  Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer so it’s really important to look after yourself.  Because, getting burnt is REALLY uncomfortable.

Also a tip:  If you’re outside travelling and it seems that your travel mate is getting confused, the confusion could actually be heat related so please seek shade and cooler conditions.  And don’t be afraid to seek medical attention.  Aussies are well aware of the issues surrounding the heat, so just ask.

Got any tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!  Please leave them in the comments below!

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