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What you don’t expect in Australia

So your friends just came back from an epic holiday in Australia and now YOU want to go!  Amazing!  Do it because Australia is a great country!  BUT…..and this is a minor BUT…. There’s probably a few things they left out… and you kinda need to know before you head down under… Like…. Australia ranges in heat from frickin’ hot in the outback to frickin hot and bloody humid up north.  So you need to make sure you’re preped for the heat and make sure drink looooads of water. You can also check out my video on surviving an Aussie heatwave.

Now, If you think you can do the east coast of Australia on a bus in two weeks… fair play.. but it’s gonna be really difficult.  So if you decide driving is best for you… remember that everything in Australia is really frickin far. It’s true. Australia is the size of the continental USA!  So, if you are on the east coast heading west… there’s a good chance you may run into long stretches of vastness where it’s just you and the kangaroos. It can be super dangerous if you’re not prepared so be sure to follow the signs you may see along the way.

Also, follow your gut, and If you’re uncomfortable about something…. Like, if you’re in South Australia and some creepy guy is driving by real slow saying, “NEED ANY HELP LOVE?”  There’s  probably a reason why you’re totally creeped out.

Us Aussies do like to joke about the things here in Australia that will kill you… There’s  snakes, spiders and the occasional drop bears.  Yes, the ocean around Australia does have sharks.  And if you don’t die that way, your bank account will take a pounding.  Do you like coffee? In Sydney, coffee is about $4 bucks… In Perth? You’re looking at $7.  You’re probably like, “Seriously.. Tara?  What  a joke!” IMG_4254

Honestly, I don’t know why it costs that much.  It just does.

Going for a bush walk?  Ok. Here’s the deal: People get lost in the Blue Mountains all the time. And the Blue Mountains isn’t actually in the middle of nowhere like you’d expect.

Just be careful out there because there’s a chance you could be completely turned around, disoriented and your mates back at the hostel have called in the local rescue service which dispatched a helicopter to save you.  Seriously.  This happens all the time and can be quite expensive. So it’s better to avoid which means it’s best to travel in groups.

Do your research…  know the area – or even better travel with a local.  And, most importantly is to bring water.  You’ll probably even lose your phone signal out there so don’t count on that either. It might just be best to stay at the pub!

What are other weird Aussie things discovered?  Please share them in the comments!

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