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Surviving the bus in Europe

This is one of the coolest thing about Europe:  You can pretty much go anywhere in Europe on the cheap.  Seriously, I once went from the Netherlands to Paris for 14€.  To be fair, It was long AF because I was on the bus for about six hours, but in the end, it was completely worth it.  Here’s some tips to survive some kind of epic bus tour in Europe.FlixBus.com_Buses

Ok.  This is what you need to know:

If you’re taking the Flix bus around Europe, there’s a pretty good chance that your bus wont be stopping somewhere to grab food.  So you want to make sure that you’re prepared.  My last journey, I took the following stuff to eat.  I made a small sandwich and wrapped it in tinfoil, brought an apple with me and I also had a few fruit bars.  For the entire six hour journey, I ate EVERYTHING.  I also brought with me a big 1.5 ltr bottle of water.  You can pretty much bring anything to eat on these busses, but for the sake of comfort, bring something that travels easy.  What’s funny is, I once had a mate who brought an entire steak complete with roast potatoes and green beans onto a flight. He was cheeky enough to ask the flight attendant to heat it up too!  Also, the guys next on my last Flix journey took an entire litre of yoghurt. It was kinda weird, but to each, their own… IMG_4930

Ok, so now food is out of the way, it’s best to bring something that keeps you busy. I always make sure that I have my trusty blue backpack with me.  This holds all my important stuff like my laptop, mobile and food.  I do advise not putting your laptop under the bus because when the bus does stops, you pretty much wont have access to it because it’s sectioned off from the other bags.  Plus, your laptop is a pretty big investment and it’s good to keep an eye on stuff like that.  Also, the Flix bus has a little bit of wifi you can use on your journey, too!

If you can read on a moving vehicle without getting car sick, awesome!  Bring a book!  From the experience I had on the Flix bus, I was pretty comfortable and relaxed so it was pretty easy for me to relax reading my book!

Spotify is helpful, too!  I’m a pretty massive fan of my music, so it’s pretty comforting to know that you’ve got your trusty tunes with you.  Don’t forget your headphones.

If your bus is a double decker, go sit on the top!  The views are spectacular and there’s loads of space!  I think sitting on the top of the bus is well worth it.  Don’t worry, the bus doesn’t sway as you think it might.  I only recommend the top because the ceiling is a bit taller, and you get a much better view of the scenery!

Funny story, I was taking the Flix bus to Bremen, and I pass over 100 tractors on the side of the road.  I have no idea where they were going, but it was pretty hilarious to see them putting away on their big wheels! IMG_5325

A few of you might be considering travelling around the United States by bus.  I REALLY don’t recommend it.  A few years ago I took the Greyhound in the United States and it was the first and VERY LAST time I’d ever take it again. To make a long story short, I was scared to death the entire trip because a lady sitting on the next seat over was completely tripping out on drugs.  Even the bus driver yelled at a lady sitting directly in front of me for talking on her phone. Seriously.

I’ve never had any of that happen on the Flix bus.  All my journeys have been positive ones.  The drivers are quite courteous and well spoken.  I also had a Scottish driver who would point out some of the cool touristy stuff!  Flix is mostly used by backpackers and students, so I have felt pretty safe on the bus.  I’m a big fan. Oh! And, don’t forget your passport! IMG_2668

Do you have any bus travel hacks or crazy stories?  I’d love to hear about them! Please share in the comments below!

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