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Much More Inishmore!

84188741-A64D-48E1-BBCF-1DD66B66C659Yes! Last year I explored Inishmore and yes! I completely LOVED it… so what happens when you’re back in Ireland? You go back to Inishmore for much, much MORE! Here’s the easy way we explored the island and some tips and tricks to get you started!

There’s a few places where you can pick up a ferry to the Aran Island, but this time we took the Aran Island ferry from Rossaveal direct to Inishmore. It only took 45 mins port to port! And then…. we picked up our bicycles!

A few years back, I cycled around Ireland taking on social media challenges but sadly I didn’t have the time to cycle the island of Inishmore… until now!

My mate and I booked two electric bikes! (Our legs thanked us in the end!)  And we took in the sounds, sites and slopes one pedal push at a time! We weaved down the roads, up the little hills and coasted around the corners as we enjoyed everything this beautiful little island had to offer!

Merrily cycling along, we passed the Inishmore locals driving their horse and buggies whilst we enjoyed the numerous rows of natural rock walls as far as our eyes could see! Also, there were coastal views that would take anyone’s breath away!  We took our time coasting up the coast and eventually reached our first stop, parked in the dedicated bicycle parking lot and had a much needed refuel at the local coffee shop.  I had a coffee with home made scones with jam and cream and it was just at the right time, too! We were only the second group to arrive at the little cafe!

Then, we started to make our way to the top of Dún Aonghasa – a prehistoric hill fort!  Just so you know, it’s a natural walkway, so you might find some loose rocks and big boulders as you’re walking up toward the fort. The locals say it takes about 15 mins to walk up but they’re locals and super fit, so be prepared for a 30 minute walk to reach the top.

When you get there… the views are spectacular! (It’ll also be a bit windy, so dress accordingly.)  Also, drones are restricted so if you don’t want one the ladies running after you telling you not to fly your drone, make sure you seek permission before you fly.

And in saying this, be respectful. This place was built around 500 BC so don’t throw rocks or sit on walls. And, be mindful of the massive cliff drop. Yes, you can fall off the edge and that’s not ideal. B62FD5AB-8BFC-4BE9-A1CB-269E9951B6C1

After checking out the fort, we headed back to our bikes and coasted back to civilisation. We took the lower road were we found piles upon piles of rocks! We stopped by and built our own little rock formations before heading directly to the pub. 34E64821-215D-41F3-8108-DE2625116DBC

By the time we had our lunch, another little look and cycle around, it was time to turn in our bikes and head back home on the ferry.

If you’re looking for a nice and easy adventure with landscapes and history, Inishmore is ideal. Yes, there are cars and yes there are horse and carriages, but if you do decide to cycle around, you’re pretty safe here. Everyone is used to the bikes. It’s an absolutely magical day if you’re after something that feels like you’ve gone back in time.

Here’s a little montage of what happened that day.  Please enjoy!

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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