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Glam Galway in 48

Galway is one of those places in Ireland where I’d recommend to explore without making any other plans. What I mean by that is… glamorous Glaway is a walking city where you can easily get lost and find yourself somewhere new – every time. As it was once explained to me by a local, Galway is where the Irish go for an Irish holiday.

If you’ve got the time, set aside 48 hours to take the time to wander around the streets of Galway properly. You’ll thank me.

There will be street performers on every corner and enough pubs carrying the black stuff to keep you well hydrated plus, the wifi is plentiful. The weather will include sporadic rainstorms so bring your jacket.  Be prepared to watch the tourists scatter as they try and avoid the rain with their very own take on the Irish jig. And, if you’re a bit of a shopper, there’s enough Claddagh rings and woollen jumpers to keep your Visa or MasterCard in good working order.

The streets of Galway are always busy and flat so it’s a very walkable city… but, if you prefer a bit quieter time to visit, avoid the weekends. If you do decide to drop by on a Monday, remember that the Museum will be closed. Also, if the Shop Street crowds become all too much, try the side streets. You’ll find much quieter pubs and shops.

Here’s a video that shows what it’s like to walk around the streets of Galway.

And, if you fancy something a bit magical and out of the ordinary, head back to the time of horses and buggies by taking a short ferry to the Aran Islands. You’ll want a full day for the excursion to Inishmore so be sure to plan that one out.  What’s cool is, you can even hire bikes and explore the island from two wheels. If you’re looking for more on what happens on Inishmore, I’ve got you covered! Click on this link! 

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