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Dear #MeetESO Organisers

Dear Meet ESO organisers,

I think it’s safe to say that there’s been a lot of reflecting and soul searching since our Chilean experience. We are currently ‘deorbiting’ from the #MeetESO experience.

From the moment you invited the #Lucky8 to #MeetESO, we have all been ‘over the moon.’ But, it’s taken this long to get our collective heads around magnitude… the gift that we were all given for a one hell of an unforgettable adventure in Chile. Experiences like this do not come around often and we are definitely one of the “lucky ones.”

It’s safe to say that we aren’t really sure why you chose us, but we are really glad you did.

During our time in Chile, we all realised that we didn’t come with science degrees. Some of thought that we were humbly ‘just space enthusiasts’ but little did we realised that we were the hardcore space advocates. We enjoy sharing our experiences to the world using our social media mediums. Perhaps we were chosen because we take social media reporting so seriously or maybe because we’re good at astrophotography or a blue little man with a big personality convinced you. Perhaps it’s our stunning personalities or our great use of meme’s and gifs ( or ‘jifs’ – how ever you say the word in your own language). But, the point is, we all experienced something special in our own way and shared it with the world the best we could.

As one of the #MeetESO participants stated, It was not simply just a one-week-trip in Chile but an in-depth experience of state-of-the-art astronomical facilities which undergoes the “rawest” natural effects of our home planet: from the ground to the sky. THIS…. was a social media event on steroids. This event was an experience that will NEVER be topped and we were somehow lucky enough to experience and witness, first-hand, what only a handful have ever. Our job now is to share the adventure the best we can. To engage with those who ‘get it’ and those who are on the fence – to embrace those up and coming brilliant minds and to put a smile on the faces of those who aren’t able to visit these wonderful facilities.

This experience was never just about the science and engineering. Instead, it brought together different worlds – different cultures, different thoughts and feelings. There’s a human and natural aspect to learning more about who we are as a species and why we are here on Earth. The science and engineering is but one tool for what it is really all about. From, the cold wind whipping around our heads at the VLT to standing 5 kilometres in the sky, oxygen starved and giddy (or passed out depending on who is tweeting), we experienced for ourselves the extreme conditions humans must face in order to further our understanding of the universe (and try not to die whilst doing it). Humans are the dreamers and they’re also the doers. We experienced this and felt it for ourselves during #MeetESO.

But then…. Nature! How can we forget? Nature is by far one of the most remarkable and exciting aspects of our little blue marble. Quite simply, how our tiny little suspended home in the universe can emit the most beautiful and mind boggling moments for us to embrace for simply being on the Earth at the right place at the right time. And you know what’s even better? We, as Earthlings, have a front row seat!

Eclipses have been happening ever since the Sun, Earth and Moon have existed. Quite frankly, it’s been boggling the minds of Earthlings ever since! What a world in which we live….

During #MeetESO we experienced natural and scientific achievements and what humans are truly capable of creating when we work together. This week long adventure mixed together different cultures, natural elements and learning in one mega mental week. It immersed us deep within the beauty of that eclectic mix.

We live such in a remarkable time but with the world’s daily stressors, this can easily be forgotten. Now, as one of the luckily ones, for a brief but and extraordinary moment of time, we were reminded of the beauty which we are constantly surrounded. It’s our turn to share and keep reminding those around us.

Nature is extreme, science is hard and humans are the dreamers on our beautiful little blue marble just trying to answer the question, ‘Why?’

Thank you for including us in seeing the world through the eyes of #MeetESO. We are forever grateful.


The #Lucky8

You can find us on Twitter at the following handles: @Taraustralis, @TheRogue_astro, @Cosmic_Carol, @Olidax, @AstroGuigeek , @JunkieEric, @FelipeHime @Benazdia

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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