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What to do when you feel like shit

We’ve all be there and it sucks… ya know…. the times in life when we feel like utter shit and don’t want to do anything.  It’s a funk that nobody wants – ever.  So what do you do when you feel like shit and don’t want to do anything or even talk to anyone?  Here’s my take on what to do:

Bondi Beach Australia
What does Bondi Beach look like in the Summer.

1. Get some sun.  Being outside in the sunshine will warm your soul.  You can’t even argue that the sun doesn’t feel good on your skin because you know it does… you just gotta get up, go outside and let the wind blow off the stink.

If you have the best excuse in the entire world of living in places in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands where it rains every 10 minutes, or you’re a resident of any of the arctic poles, you’re not fucked…. you just have to be a little more creative even if you’re feeling awful and there’s no sunshine.  

Decorative Coffee
Coffee artwork found in Sydney Australia

2. Go for a coffee, tea or any kind of beverage that warms the cockles of our heart.  Why? It’s got the same affect as getting some sun: you’re getting out of the house and you’re warming your soul with a hot bevvie and if it’s a cold drink, you’re enjoying something that you actually like since everything around you sucks.

Another part of going to the cafe, you can people watch.  Don’t go all ‘stalky stalky’ because that’s just weird but sometimes it’s kinda fun to make up stories whilst you refill your low energy stash.

Bicycling in the Netherlands
Australian sticker on the back of a bike in the suburb of Liden in the Netherlands

3. The great part about trying numbers one and two is you’re getting number three out of the way.  Exercise.  It’s a totally dirty word when you feel like shit.  You hate it.  You don/t want any of it because you don’t have any energy and you hate everyone around you who suggests it.   Well, here’s some hard truths… it works. Whilst you blow off that stink of yours, you start to get the bloods flowing around the body which ultimately makes you feel better.

Ok, so that was the easy part – but, here’s the hard part.  Now, here’s some more hardcore things that you can do to feel better.

4. Get the fuck out of bed.  Yes, you feel like shit.  yes, your body needs sleep but if you start to get too much or just lay there in bed feeling sorry for yourself, it’s not gonna help.  Make some sort of schedule and stick to it, even if you are hating life and you’re job less.  Get the fuck out of bed at 8:00am. Shower. Be out the door by 9.00am.  Why? Because if you get up and treat life like a job, you’ll feel like you have more purpose and that brings me to….

5. Clean your room.  Nobody feels good with mess around so after you get the fuck out of bed, showered and are clothed, make your bed.  End of – no excuses.  You need to do this for yourself.  You OWE it to yourself because you’re amazing… you just don’t feel it right now because life has gone to shit but you will start to feel better when you make these changes.

Are your sheets dirty? Change them.. everybody loves clean sheets.  Is your laundry basket filled up?  Wash your fucking clothes and fold them.  Put them away.  Make everything around you spotless.  Remember how awesome the rooms are at Ikea?  Replicate that!  Make your place look like an Ikea catalogue. 

6. Set yourself some ATTAINABLE goals.  Don’t decide you want to be a commercial airline pilot by Friday when you feel like shit because that’s not attainable.  Set small goals like cleaning out the stuff from under your bed, folding ALL the socks, washing the kitchen floor.  Stuff like that.  You’re getting some exercise but at the same time, you’re making your place sparkle and inside you is starting to sparkle as well.

Looking out the window of an airplane
Qantas flight A380 window Sydney Australia airport tarmac

7. When you start to feel a little bit better, take all these tips to the next level.  What do you really like to do?  Is it travel?  Want to try something for the very first time? Take a gym class you’ve heard about? Do you want to learn a language?  The world is your fucking oyster and nobody is gonna do it but YOU so now is your chance to do something for yourself.   

Even if you’re a bit of a hermit and freaked out by talking to your mates, don’t stress too much – you can still be a bit incognito with classes and travel with as little or as much human interaction that you want to give it.  You don’t even have to look people in the eye if you don’t want to, but the thing is… if you do decide to meet new people, they don’t need to know your business so if you don’t want to share how miserable you are, don’t.  

8. Another idea worth mentioning is ‘fake it until you make it.’  It actually works.  So if you want to be happy, try to be happy.  Put a small smile on your face as you walk around.  It might actually give you that little push to get you over into the world of happiness. 

Irish Cow near the Cliffs of Moher
Kissing a Cliffs of Moher cow in Ireland

9. Also, another thing you can try is look for the good in the world.  Yes, there is a lot of doom and gloom out there, but when you’re going for your coffee fix, stop and smell the flowers.  There are some pretty amazing things in the world, so look for them.  Check out that gorgeous blue colour of the sky.. or if it’s raining, smell those flowers you pass every day. I’m sure if you do this enough you’ll start to see different things to be happy about.

Life is hard but being miserable makes life harder… so it’s best to try and keep it positive as best you can even when you feel like shit.  So get up, get out there and shake up your days even when you don’t want to.

What are some of your tips? Please share them below. 

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  1. All great advice, Tara. One other thing that might help: talk to a trusted physician (s)he might be able to run some tests to find out WHY you feel like shit. For me it turned out to be a vitamin B12 deficiency, corrected with a course of injections. There could be any one of several underlying medical conditions so it’s always worth having it checked out.

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