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Behind the Scenes at Facebook Sydney

Behind The Scenes of Facebook Sydney.  Have you ever thought what the offices of your favourite social media channels looked like?  Well, here’s your VIP tour of the Sydney Facebook office!
TFW you're Facebook OfficialA few years ago, the Facebook office was located above the Apple store on George Street but they have since moved! Facebook’s new office is located in new section of the Sydney central business district (CBD) called Barangaroo. To enter, you first need an invite, and then you take the elevator to the 41st floor.  Your ears do actually pop on the way up!

When you first arrive though their doors, you’re greeted by the lovely folks at reception.  Then, you use your social media credentials to sign in and are given a pass!  The thing is, you can’t just have a tour of the Facebook facilities, you need to know someone. Checking in at Facebook Sydney

After swiping your ID and going though the security gate, you enter the first three rooms!  The first and second rooms are connected.  And the their room reminds me of a function/lecture hall.  There’s roughly 300 chairs, a stage lights, and a podium… oh yeah, and a killer 360 degree view of Sydney! Trust me, it never gets old. City views of Sydney from Facebook

Now, this is where the fun starts!  Facebook has created cool set designs that’s perfect for interviews and selfies!  Check out this Ikea-inspired bedroom!  And, there’s even a invisibility cloak that you can hide under! Facebook sets in Sydney

See these Facebook emoji’s?  You can get your photo in front of this set, too! Cool Facebook set in Sydney

I bet you didn’t know this: Facebook broadcasts News live from Sydney every day!  Let me snow you around!Any ideas what this room is?  If you said a green room, you’re 100% correct!  This is where the people who are about to go on television are briefed by the Producers and get their hair and makeup done. Facebook produces their own news

And this is the Facebook set complete with couches, emoji pillows, cameras and a glowing backdrop of Sydney!  There’s even three teleprompters the talent can read from!

On the other side of the set, is the control room.  This is where the director, producer, graphics, switcher, audio engineer and teleprompter operator ‘do their magic’ to make the daily Facebook show! Behind the scenes at FacebookLIVE

This is testament that to produce an awesome show, you don’t need a massive set.

The best part of Facebook would have to be the view of Sydney Harbour.  You can see from every angle… the city, harbour and even the neighbouring beaches!  Time really looks like it is going slower when you’re this far up!
Sydney cityscape CBD Facebook HQ Sydney


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