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Dublin in 24 hours

Heading to Dublin for a quick trip, but not sure what to do?  Here’s a no-fail, fun and tasty suggestion of things you can do in Dublin with only 24 hours!   

EPIC Ireland.

Why not start the morning right at the EPIC museum? It opens at 10, so if you’re coming via the airport, there’s enough time to be the first entry. EPIC is a favourite of mine because it tells the story about the different kinds of migration.  From famine, family and economic migrations, this beautifully curated museum perfectly tells the story of how we all come from somewhere.   

Worth noting, EPIC releases timed tickets, so if you have an action-packed day, get your tickets earlier than later.

Hungry? Here’s a tasty Dublin tip:

If you’re heading to the Guinness Storehouse from the EPIC museum, break it up with a bit of lunch.  Both EPIC and the Storehouse are at opposite ends of Dublin, so don’t sacrifice lunch.  Hit up EPIC first, then stop at Bread and Bones for a sit down meal before walking off the incredible Kimchi fries.  They’re frickin INCREDIBLE and something I get every time I’m in Dublin.  Also, be sure to tell Jack that Tara sent you!

Guinness Storehouse.

Are you a fan of the black stuff?  Why not enjoy a perfectly poured at Guinness gravity bar! You’ll be high above Dublin with 360 views of Ireland gorgeous green but not before you weave your way though the history of Ireland’s favourite drink.  There’s a whole heap of different passes and experiences so be sure to do a bit of research and find the type of beverage adventure that fits your personality.  If you’re a mega fan but time constricted, give about a half day for this experience. 

By the time you reached the Gravity bar, try and stake out a seat first and send your mate off to collect a pint.  It’s tough to find a seat up at the top in the afternoon as it’s quite a popular location to relax with a pint.  

Temple Bar?

Temple Bar, Christmas
Temple Bar lit up at night

Sure, Temple Bar is a hive of activity at night. Nearly every pub will have live music but you’ll but you’ll pay the price. If you go just one street off Temple bar over to Stags Head, the price of your pint will drop dramatically.  

Stags head is an Irish local favourite Also, the dark walls give a more calming experience.  And if you’re at Stags Head at the right time, there might be some comedy down stairs.

And if you’re into the music scene and it happens to be a Tuesday, chance your arm over at Doyles for The Ruby Sessions.  Artists like Hosier, Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran and many more have played at the Ruby Sessions.  Also, if you cant get upstairs because they’re booked out, the pub downstairs is super cool, too.

Where to stay in Dublin?

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a quality hostel experience, be sure to book Jacob’s Inn.  They’re newly renovated and also have some pretty sweet pods.  I named them the TOP hostel in Dublin!

Got any top tips for a tight Dublin tour? Please share your favourite places in the comments!

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