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Sydney City LYFE

Tired legs? Got jet lag? If you’ve travelled to Sydney and not sure what to do, here’s a fun list and top tips of where to go and what to do that’s close to CBD.

If you’ve come off the flight and only just stopped rocking yourself to sleep in the corner of the room, not straying too far from Sydney might be your best bet. The good news is, you can’t swing your day pack without hitting a cafe with EXCELLENT coffee choices! Seriously – Australia is a national of coffee drinkers and our coffee culture is bar none!


Be sure to grab a Cappuccino or go all Aussie with a local favourite, the Flat White.  Your senses will be awaken, the jet lag and brain fog will will disappear but just a hot tip – the jitters will kick in so don’t drink it after 3pm unless you want to be awake all night. Aussie coffee is strong, this is normal. It’s also beautiful!

The Rocks:

Being well caffeinated will make you want to give your legs a much neededs tretch! Take a casual stroll to the tourist precinct called “The Rocks.” If if there’s a cruise ship in the harbour, The Rocks will be pumping. Depending on the day, there could be a market for you to have a sticky beak – that’s Aussie slang for a look.

You’ll notice that a lot of the architecture in this area seems more colonial and different from the rest of the city.  In comparison, it’s not that old as compared to places in Europe.  For perspective, the second oldest surviving residential building in Sydney is the Cadmans Cottage and it was built in 1815.

Fortune of War:

If you fancy a cold brew, grab a pint at Sydney’s oldest pub.  Just a hot tip, Fortune of War is relatively small but lively. They usually have someone playing guitar which attracts even more people.  You’ll make a bunch of new friends during the sing along and you’ll probably even learn a few Aussie songs as well.

Australian Heritage Hotel:

If you’re hungry and want to taste the Aussie Coat of Arms, head up the hill to the Australian Heritage Hotel.  They have a wide rage of interesting pizzas. You will find crocodile, emu and kangaroo on a pizza – no joke. Bit of warning, Aussie pizza is a lot more dry than pizza from around the world. Also, from what I hear, crocodile tastes a bit like chicken.

The Glenmore Hotel:

Around the corner is The Glenmore Hotel.  This pub has some of the best 360 views of Sydney, but they’ve done a renovation so a beer may cost as much as your plane ticket to Australia.

The Grounds:

The Grounds is where Sydney locals go to be seen.  It’s a bit further out of the CBD but it’s instagrammable AF.  Head over to the suburb of Alexandria for a super cool and unique dining experience. Also, you can make friends with Chris P. Bacon – that’s the residential pig.  He’s a bit of a local celebrity that includes some sort of heist but you’ll have to go to the Grounds to learn more!  Oh, and you can also meet his chicken friends.  On Sundays, there’s even a cool art market is on just around the corner!  Get in early if you dont like eating standing up and be sure to try the pork sanga.  #Drool.

Darling Harbour:

Every Saturday you will find free fireworks in Darling Harbour unless there’s a fire ban.  They start at 9pm.  Go for a stroll around the harbour and enjoy the fireworks from the Pyrmont Bridge.  Afterwards, head down to the children’s playground.  There’s a flying fox, ropes, swings and a water park as well! It’s definitely worth it.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair:

No visit is complete without an instagrammable pic from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. The good news is, it’s easy to get to by walking though Sydney’s Botanical gardens. Also, you can attend Opera on the Harbour. It’s been called “the perfect opera for people who hate opera!”

Taronga Zoo:

Taronga Zoo is the only place in the world where the giraffes multi million dollar views of the Sydney Opera house!

Hop on the ferry from Circular Quay for a short ride over the the docks of the zoo.  You’ll then take a cable car over some of the animal enclosures.  When you reach the top of the hill, you can leisurely sander down at your own pace but be sure to, take in one of the best and funniest wild bird shows in the world!

Haunted Walking Tour:

Has your jet lagged kicked in the other way and you’ve got a spurt of energy and need something to do?  Here’s an awesome late night answer to cure the boredom: Why not try The Rocks Haunted Walking Tour?  You will meet your guide at the Cadman’s Cottage and they will take you around the oldest part of Sydney.  You’ll learn all the goulash details and get access to some nifty archaeological sites for a close up look.  Truly, this tour is a lot of fun!

Sydney’s Observatory:

Want to learn more about the southern hemisphere?  Head to the Sydney Observatory!  Perched on top of a hill, the observatory gives twilight and evening tours!

Sydney Observatory

Other things to do in Sydney that are worth mentioning:

If you want to explore Sydney’s Gay scene, head to Oxford Street. Once nicknamed ‘the gay Golden Mile’ there’s loads friendly pubs, clubs and stores to check out!

If you fancy a bit of horseback riding, a walk though some nature or a bike hire with friends, head to Centennial Park.  You can cycle the loop or stop for some coffee.  Also, if you come at the right time of year, they may be shooting a movie so be sure to keep your sun glasses clean – you might see a Hemsworth!

Been somewhere cool and think it should be added to the list?  Drop a comment below and be sure to check back soon for our posts on Sydney Beach LYFE and Sydney Mountain LYFE. #ComingSOON.


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