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Sydney Beach LYFE

Australia is known for their beaches – “Beach Life” is an Aussie staple.  No journey to Sydney would be complete without checking out what Sydney’s beaches have to offer!

Sydney has two main rival beaches separated by a hefty toll the Harbour Bridge. If you want to avoid the pains of heavy traffic on a stifling hot and sunny day, the good news is, you don’t need to get into a car and drive to Sydney’s local beaches, but you will need to take public transport.

Allow me to introduce you to Sydney’s main but extremely different beaches:

Bondi Beach

Have you ever seen the TV show, Bondi Patrol?  It’s the show where the lifeguards save the unexpected tourists in full clothes from getting bashed by crazy waves. If you’re at Bondi on a mega busy day which can have up and over 30,000 people you’ll probably spot a camera crew or two filming.

Trust me… you don’t want to be on the show.

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Don’t be that translucent looking guy who thinks that you’re ‘too tough for sunscreen.’  You may end up in hospital the next day with second degree burns. This isn’t Ireland or the UK…. It’s Australia – we hardly have an ozone.   Don’t be that idiot who refused to wear sunscreen.

And… don’t be that guy who mistakes beer muscles for swimmers arms. Bad things may happen to you if you do decide to wander down the hill from Noah’s Hostel without one flying fark given.  Read the signs.  Swim between the flags.  The signs are there for a reason.  Nobody wants to end up in backpackers rip en route to Bronte Beach. Good luck.Bondi Beach

But Tara, that doesn’t happen a lot… does it?  Yes… Yes, Karen… it happens – A LOT. That dangerous area of the beach you’re now swimming in is called Backpackers rip.  It’s call that for a reason.  Save yourself from the embarrassment of a rescue or hospitalisation. Swim between the flags.

Phew… ok, so how do you get from CBD to Bondi.  Well, that’s pretty easy via public transport.  You can take the express 333 bus from Circular Quay straight there or you can venture via the train to Bondi Junction and then take any bus heading to Bondi Beach.  

With that being said, if you’re keen for a beach day, be sure you’re prepped for it.  

From pubs to grub and cafe life, Bondi’s got it all.  It’s a nice little bubble you never need to leave.  

If you’re not too keen for a dip, take a walk along the coastal walk.  Depending on the season, you may see a pod of dolphins or a whale or two. Another cool part is, if you get hot, you can stop off at one of the many beaches dotted along the coast or even grab a coffee at one of the many cafe’s


It does get a bit hilly, and there are stairs along the coastal walk. If you’re super keen, there is also a lot of athletic workout equipment as well. If you’re feeling morbid, be sure to drop into for a wander around Sydney’s heritage listed graveyard.  There’s over 90,000 burials and interments at the Waverly Cemetery and you’ll find notable Aussie bush poet, Henry Lawson.

 Manly Beach

If you’re in the Sydney CBD, going to Manly beach requires a bit more travel, but don’t worry – it’s definitely worth it.  Simply hop on the ferry at Circular Quay (don’t forget your Opal Card) and enjoy your 30 minute ferry tour to the Manly Wharf.

Manly Beach is vastly different than Bondi.  The sand is more yellow and the trees are much different.  To me, it feels like Queensland.

If you do enjoy walking, Manly has a miniature coastal walk.  When you’re looking at the beach, make a right.  You’ll be on your way to Shelley Beach and, if you enjoy marine life, you’re in luck! Shelley Beach is a marine preserve known for scuba diving and snorkeling.  If you’ve got your SCUBA certificate, there are two main dive companies in Manly – Dive Centre Sydney and Pro Dive.  Both companies run boat and shore dives and if you’re a first timer check out the Discovery dive.  

If you prefer to snorkel, the dive companies will hire out fins and a mask. Just ask.

Hot tip: Check the weather and visibility reports.  You don’t want to get down to the beach only to realise that the water is churned up and full of sand with 0 visibility.  

Like beer?  Check out Four Pines. They brew their own beer and even made a bottle that lets you drink beer in microgravity. 

Every weekend just 100 meters from the beach is the Manly markets.  There’s loads of cool stuff you can collect for friends.

Manly Markets

If you want to try some surfing, I recommend going to Manly to do it – there’s less people that’ll drop in on you and from experience, the waves seem a bit more forgiving.

If you’ve got the time but not the skill, take some volleyball lessons!

And, if you want to step back in time, the Quarantine Station is a stone’s throw up the hill  from Manly beach.  Whilst not a penitentiary, if you’ve been to Alcatraz in San Francisco or Spike Island in Ireland, it’s got the same vibe.  They also do some pretty sweet ghost tours that are worth going on.


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