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  1. Well, for me it all makes sense and this American chap welcomes you to the Green Place…bring your rain gear! I’ll be following you as you make progress and hope that you may find your way to Birr, Co. Offaly smack dab in the middle of Ireland. The Chestnut Pub, Birr Town Center, is where I endeavor to dispel the erroneous notion that ALL American food is Burger King and Pizza Hut with my “South!” concept kitchen; Southern-inspired, Healthy American food….sounds a bit oxymoronic doesn’t it? But all our cultures historically ate for nutritional reasons and to survive, work hard and prosper…period! The ” Deep South” has a unique amalgam of cultures like no other in the World mixing Native North and South American peoples, African, Caribbean as well as European. The food this wonderful mix of people created is equally diverse: Gumbo, Jambalaya and Pulled Pork have become synonymous with Southern culture but lesser known healthy foods like Dirty Rice, Chow Chow and Boudin are hardly known outside the region and I aim to fix that! So, Tara, as we both begin our journeys, perhaps we may meet up to create a “mighty force” of new discovery, health and good ol’ fun! Be safe, good journey and Slan!

    Roger Mac Arthur aka” Big Bubba”
    Birr, Co. Offaly Ireland

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